Challenge yourself, dare to take a chance! 

Have you ever felt a longing for a deeper connection with others?

Doorway2Divinity invites you to use the tantric pathway, to explore your sexuality as a key to opening the door to divinity.

Would you like to feel that sex could also be a way for you to grow as a person and a spiritual being? Maybe you have tried meditation or other unembodied practices and found that they did not work? Tantra allows you to use your body and your pleasure as a doorway to something bigger ... a Doorway 2 Divinity!

In our different workshops we encompass the full spectra of tantra for men. The programme includes - Fully clothed introductions that focus on being comfortable with setting boundaries, expressing your needs, desires and getting them meet.

-The erotic and sensual in massage workshops.

- The playful.

- The spiritual.

- Weekend retreats where we put the pieces together encompassing all of the above and som much more...

Who are we?


Jacob has practiced yoga for 30+ years and taught yoga and meditation to soldiers and development aid workers around the world. He has led workshops internationally including Afghanistan, Nepal, Norway, Mali and South Sudan. Jacob is part of Tantra4gaymen and is trained under their style. Has educated healer and clairvoyant from Sens-it.

His expertise includes Tantra Yoga, Hata yoga, Meditation and Tantra.


Firefly has worked for many years as a Tantric masseur, coach and Yoga teacher.

He has led many workshops internationally including Easton mountain retreat in NY. Firefly is part of Tantra4gaymen and is trained under their style.

His expertise includes Kundalini Tantra Yoga, Meditation and Tantra


The nude yoga and tantra retreat was an intimate and giving experience. A safe environment was easily established between the participants and there was a feeling of mutual confidence and openness that made me relax and embrace the experience. I felt a deep connection between body and soul was created during the practice.

— K.

I attended Jacob’s Naked Yoga and tantra event at Give. Before going there, I did not have that many expectations about the place. However, it was a very fulfilling weekend where I had the opportunity to meet some very nice men. I was emotionally touched by the beauty of the scenery, the naked exercises and the whole atmosphere where men showed love to one another. Thank you, Jacob, for a great weekend. 


Private single room - 6000 Dkr (about 705 GBP or 805 Euro)
Shared double room - 5500 Dkr/p. person (about 646 GBP or 737 Euro/pr.person)
Vegeterian is fine
I am Vegan
I'd like gluten free please
I'd like lactose free please